Sluice Creek Cloths

Sluice Creek is a tidal inlet just off the main channel at Wells-next-the-Sea. It runs north/south and narrows to the north in a labyrinth of seemingly endless inlets and creeks. I have sailed up this creek at high tide more times than I can count and walked on the wave-rippled sand and sticky, black mud at low tide. It is a quiet place but at the same time it teems with life and movement. Birds feed on the mud at low water and the creek’s contours shift from tide to tide as the sea ebbs and flows. There is always something new and interesting to see and experience here.

The Sluice Creek Cloths are inspired by the memory of encounters with physical processes that take place in this environment: sounds, movements and the degeneration of materials. These are all processes that generally extend over time and each work is an investigation into how I can communicate these visible and non-visible processes in order to evoke a sense of movement and of the passing of time.

Moments of Being: Sluice Creek cloths book can be purchased here