Online Workshops


A full-day Zoom workshop

This is a Zoom workshop and Debbie will be present online throughout the whole workshop.

‘I walk, I look, I listen. I pick up an object and put it into my pocket. Later I make a container for it. The questions I repeatedly ask myself are: What do I pick up and where do I put it down?’.

During the workshop you will explore ways of making simple three-dimensional pockets with stiffened cloth. I will share techniques and processes that I use in my practice and you will watch a video where you will make a virtual visit to my studio. Your pocket design will be inspired by a small object that you have chosen and the pocket is intended to hold your object.

In the workshop you will:

• Learn how the objects you have chosen can inspire your 3-D pocket
• Learn paper manipulation techniques: folding, cutting, scoring and joining
• Learn how to make a 2-D paper template for your 3-D pocket
• Learn the processes and stitches Debbie uses for manipulating and joining stiffened cloth
• Learn that how you display an object or collection can have a bearing on how it is read

Before the workshop you will receive 2 short videos with simple pre-workshops instructions, a digital instruction booklet and a new digital booklet of Debbie’s recent work for inspiration.

Debbie will be on hand throughout the day to offer instruction and advice

The workshop runs from 10am-4pm

Price: £70.00


2 March, Online-live workshop, 10am-4pm (GMT), Stitched Pockets, InStitches  Note: Please book this workshop through the InStitches website

3 March, NEW DATE ADDED, Online-live workshop, 10am-4pm (GMT), Stitched Pockets Note: Please book this workshop through the InStitches website

16 March, Online-live workshop, 10am-4pm SOLD OUT